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Come away, O human child! To the waters and the wild.

26 October 1979
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I would be an axe wielding psycopath............. but that would require too much effort!

I was abandoned at birth and raised by a group of wild rabbits. They were a great family to be brought up with, and I developed a life long passion for carrots and bouncing. However the bliss could not last for ever..... one year I got very drunk and was hoodwinked by a local fox into trying out rabbit meat.......

Having been ostracised from the warren I ran with a horse called Daisy for a few years. She taught me all the life skills I needed. Then, when she thought I was ready to tackle the wild world she packed me off to Liilypud where I studied Geology before defecting to become an osteoiummunologist. (Try saying that while drunk!)

These days I can mostly be found sailing the high seas with a cutlass 'tween my teeth, singing slightly garbled sea shanties and drinking all the rum.

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Date Created:2006-04-11
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Calmllama is a pixie who got transported to the world of humans by mistake. She spends most of her time feeling confused about the whole situation. In her spare time she studies viruses and one day hopes to design a virus that facilitates her hostile takeover of the world.
Strengths: cheap to get drunk.
Weaknesses: Easily distracted by PrettyThings
Special Skills: Professional flirt
Weapons: Glare of condesention (freezes all enemies on the spot), lieutenents and henchmen do all the actual fighting for her
Allies: partnerin_crime

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